It's been a crazy couple of months trying to catch everyone up. Procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing something. I thought I was a procrastinator at times but I have learned there some out there that have one up on me. No, but seriously the longer one waits the longer it will take to untangle the books. Then memory comes into play, not remembering exactly what happened so then it makes it harder to be able to know to how to account for the transaction correctly.

Believe me I know how it works, sometimes I think if I don't think about it it will just go away. But really it won't go away, it will just make things harder. One will think to themselves I should have done this a long time ago. When one can finally gets to it they realize it wasn't as hard as they thought and it should or could have been done sooner.

Lesson learned, it really is easier to keep up with things as they come. I know what you are thinking it is easier said than done, life gets in the way. :)

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It definitely has been a tough couple of months...from layoffs to closing of businesses to PPP loans to trying to figure it all out. I completely understand. I am here to help if you need help navigat