I've been pondering about what I want this blog to be about. Should I just make it about accounting, taxes, business etc or should I just make it about whatever is on my mind and gives me inspiration? Well I have decided that I will make it about whatever is on my mind and gives me inspiration. Of course I will also post about accounting, taxes and business on occasion. With that said, today's post is about my good friend Jeff AKA Pastor Jeff.

I met Jeff at work, we worked on the same team for about a year before I moved on to a different team but I have know him for about three years now. Jeff has been an inspiration to me over the last year. He decided to start a church back in 2017. Wow, a church! I couldn't even imagine. I am so proud of Jeff and his wife. He first started out with Vision meetings, then sample services, prayer nights and finally the big day came their first service at an elementary school. I am so honored to have watched the transformation of his calling to start a church. He was doing services at a hotel, an elementary school and now he has his own space. It simply amazes me what GOD can do in your life when he calls upon you.

I was going to continue this post about second acts or second careers in your life but I think I will stop here.

If you happen to be inspired and would like to visit Jeff's church, One Church SA at 7795 Mainland Dr #107, San Antonio, TX 78250.

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