Can't Pass Again

People often ask me why I don't have my CPA and my reply has been life. Instead of going to college in my early twenties I was taking care of my kiddos. I eventually headed to college late in life. I first got my bachelors then waited a few years and got my Masters in Accounting. After that I decided ehhh, do I really want to spend more time to study for the CPA exam or enjoy life. Well here we are and I decided to enjoy life ;0) I went back and forth alot but at the end of the day, I asked myself what will the CPA do for me, make more money...yes for sure, be eligible for more jobs...yes, have the title CPA...given but at the end of the day I decided against it. I just really want to help small business with their accounting.

My professors always said CPA stands for can't pass again LOL, because really yes, you study and study and study to pass the CPA. The CPA exam has 4 parts but people usually go into a specialty and experience is where the content will be engraved in your brain. Whether it's auditing, tax, forensic accounting or other specialty areas.

I can take the exam if I wanted to but for now I want to spend my time helping people, being with my family including taking my dogs on bike rides and walks in the park and just enjoying life.

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